Rascal's Escape is a Jump & Travel exploration adventure game.

"Caution: High risk of wanderlust!"

Rascal’s Escape is a Jump & Travel exploration adventure game supporting local co-op with a scheduled release in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC.
Rascal escaped! Join Squirrel and Bear on their journey through Europe. Alone or in co-op with your favourite travel companion!
Work together to follow Rascal's traces. While traveling, you can take your time to explore each country, learn foreign languages, eat lots of delicious local food, climb famous sights, engage in traditional festivals, collect souvenirs, capture pictures and become friends with dozens of local animals along the way.

Satisfy your wanderlust from the comfort of your living room - alone or together with your favourite travel companion!

Discover Europe's true treasure, its cultural diversity and then catch Rascal!

What are you waiting for?
Grab your luggage!

Made for family and friends to play with 1-2 players.

Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022.

Made by the Good Evil.


Rascal's Escape - Showing Gameplay of Bear and Squirrel. Moving, stomping, jumping and taking pictures for the travel journal. Rascal's Escape - Where did the Rascal go? To Spain, says the Sami Fox in Sweden!

Rascal's Escape - showing how to change luggage and jump across pillars in Rome. Rascal's Escape - Showing Squirrel and Bear traveling across the map in vehicles.

Badgergram showing the latest posts of little Rascal. Rascal's Escape - and the co-op gameplay between Squirrel and Bear at the London Tower Bridge.

Rascal's Escape - and the co-op gameplay between Squirrel and Bear in Barcelona at the Sagrada Familia. Rascal's Escape - Rascal waving behind telephone booth in London.

Bear stomping his way through the snow.

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Squirrel and Bear in Sweden visiting the Sami.

About the Good Evil

the evils

"Rascal's Escape" is developed by the Good Evil GmbH.
the Good Evil is an award winning indie game studio based in Cologne, Germany.
We create games, that make the world a better place!
Since 2013 we develop meaningful games, around topics that matter
to our broad audiences, our clients and us.

The development was made possible thanks to the support of:
The development was supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Creative Europe, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure


Squirrel and Bear crossing the Tower Bridge in London.

Squirrel and Bear in Italy. Arriving at Conca Dei Marini via boat.

Squirrel and Bear exploring a mysterious treasure hunt!

Squirrel and Bear in Cologne talking to Boar inside a brewery.

Squirrel and Bear: Rascal's Escape.